DOWNLOAD MP3: $uicideBoy$ & Travis Barker – nothingleftnothingleft

Download music mp3: $uicideBoy$ & Travis Barker – nothingleftnothingleft

$uicideBoy$ & Travis Barker - nothingleftnothingleft

$uicideBoy$ & Travis Barker – nothingleftnothingleft Mp3 Download

Coming in hot with a new song titled nothingleftnothingleft, a unique masterpiece by $uicideBoy$ & Travis Barker. Nothingleftnothingleft sees $uicideBoy$ deliver their signature sound, a unique mix of rap and metal. Travis Barker, however, is not lost amongst their horror-filled roars as he thunders through the song with epic, pulse-racing percussive beats.

The song begins with a rapid drum solo that erupts into the screeching, violent vocals of $uicideBoy$ member Ruby da Cherry. The song’s chorus sees $uicideBoy$ chant a list of a number of terror-inducing themes that the human race encounters, such as war, power, death and famine, rounding it off with the line ‘fire, ashes, nothing left.” Download nothingleftnothingleft by $uicideBoy$ & Travis Barker.

Listen and download $uicideBoy$ & Travis Barker – nothingleftnothingleft mp3 below

DOWNLOAD MP3: $uicideBoy$ & Travis Barker – nothingleftnothingleft

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